As we’ve started on this new endeavor into the franchising world, one of the most common questions we’ve received is, “why franchising?” Why are we choosing the franchising route in addition to our other avenues of business? Isn’t there a simpler way? The answer is probably “yes,” but simpler isn’t in our vocabulary. “Simpler” doesn’t accomplish what we at Sterling Monument Company are setting out to do. We have a mission–a very clear mission. A mission that’s been handed down through generations of entrepreneurs and servant-leaders–a mission we have an obligation to fulfill. That mission? Serve families. SERVE. Serve families by empowering business owners to serve in their communities.

At Sterling Monument, we have had the privilege of learning the ins-and-outs of the monument industry for over 30 years. From design to installation, we’ve developed a team with skills that truly set us apart. We’ve learned the “to-do’s” and the “not-to-do’s” when it comes to crafting monuments, installing monuments, and business operations. The skills and “tricks-of-the-trade” we’ve learned can only come from years of experience. Through franchising, we can help business owners become fast learners in the monument industry and skip some of the headaches and the “not-to-dos.” We aim to teach and pass on the the skills and knowledge needed to be successful from our 30+ years in the the business.

Also through our history, we’ve learned we have a very unique opportunity to serve families. We have the privilege and honor of helping tell unique stories of loved ones. We believe the design of a monument can truly display the story of a life well-lived. Hobbies, stories, pictures, marriage dates, scriptures, and personalized signatures are all examples of many unique details that help tell someone’s unique and very personal story through memorialization. We are given the honor to sit down with families and work through designs that truly tell the forever story of a loved one.

What does that have to do with franchising?

We’d like to take what we’ve learned over the past 30+ years, and empower business owners within their community to serve families in this unique way. We want to share the “how-to’s” of design, installation, and the ins-and outs of running a business with business owners who wants to serve families and make an impact in their community. We want to share the “Sterling Monument Way” of serving families in the right communities across Texas and the Southern US.

We have a unique culture and brand that promotes teamwork, great communication and servant-leadership. Owners, Curtis and Jenna Harris, both grew up playing competitive sports. From youth league to their time as collegiate athletes and then as coaches and teachers in public education, sports have helped shape the values and culture they have brought to Sterling Monument Company since purchasing the business from Curtis’ parents, Sam and Terri in January of 2018. The experiences from playing and coaching helped shape how they lead as owners of Sterling Monument Company today. They are big advocates of being a TEAM, and they aim to help spread that team-like atmosphere and culture in the Sterling Monument brand.

If you are interested in joining the Sterling Monument Company team, click the link below to schedule a call with Curtis. He’d love the opportunity to share the process with you.