Frequently Asked Questions.

What size monument do I need?

You’ll need to contact the cemetery in which your monument will be placed. Each cemetery has rules and regulations that you’ll need to follow. Some of their regulations could include the monument size, style, color, and any setting regulations or fees. Within any regulations, you’ll also simply choose a monument that you like best!

What are the cemetery’s rules and regulations?

Contacting the specific cemetery where your monument will be is the only way to determine their rules and regulations, and fees, if any. Cemeteries sometimes place rules on the monument type, size, color, style, and/or other monument features. Please check with the cemetery in which the monument will be placed.

What makes Sterling Monument unique?

We create the monuments ourselves, here in the United States. We are not a middle-man who marks up the price of your monument. We are on the cutting edge of designing and manufacturing monuments to precisely meet your needs. We have been crafting monuments since 1918, and understand the nuances of the industry. We have expertise in design and craftsmanship of your monument, and provide industry-best customer service. Because we are a large manufacturer, we purchase granite in large quantities at steep discounts and pass those savings to you. We manufacture the monument, here in our Eastland, Texas manufacturing facility. Our granite comes from all over the world, from quarries in the United States, India, Brazil, China, Canada, and elsewhere. We are the best at what we do. It is our mission to create the perfect monument for you. We also believe that as we celebrate life with monuments and memorials, that we also fight to save lives. We give a portion of our revenue to organizations who fight human trafficking. We understand that celebrating life means that we can help fight a modern day problem.

Can I design my own monument?

Yes. We have the best system available for you to design your own monument. You are able to choose the size, color, design, and type or style of monument that is perfect for your needs. Walk through our monument design and see what works best for you. You can also give us a call at 254-653-2363 or email Curtis with help in your monument design.

What are the shipping costs for a monument?

Your shipping costs are included as you checkout and purchase the monument. We are able to subsidize the cost of shipping into the monument and minimize this cost for you as much as possible. Free shipping is included in some monuments, and any extra shipping costs you see are also subsidized by us. We make the whole process clean and transparent.

What is a laser flat monument?

A laser flat monument is laser engraved on black granite. The engraving can be as detailed as the photo or design it comes from, and these are available as an option as you design your monument.

If I need a different size, color, or type of monument, can you make it for me?

Yes. We can help you design any monument size, color, and type. Give us a call at 254-653-2363 or email Curtis.

What are my responsibilities as I order any monument?

Anytime you purchase a monument, you’ll need to make sure it fits the cemetery’s rules and regulations. Some cemeteries have setting fees, which help them cover the cost and labor of placing the monument correctly into the cemetery. You’ll also need to make sure that the size, color, monument type, design, and text on the monument is correct, as we will manufacture the monument according to your specifications. You’ll need to make arrangements to unload the monument from the shipping carrier.

What happens if my monument is damaged via shipping?

We use professional carriers to ship your monument, and will provide you with your tracking number. It would be extremely rare for your monument to be damaged en route, but if it is damaged, please contact us so that we can file a claim with the carrier.

Can I order extra items like vases, footstones, pet markers, pet cremation items, and other cremation items?

Yes. We have these items in stock available to you, and can send you any items you may need.

If I see a monument that I like, can you design it for me?

Yes. If you see a design you like, we can help you design it. Give us a call at 254-653-2363.

Where can I ship my monument?

We can have your monument shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping outside of this area is possible, but may involve higher shipping fees from the carrier.

How is the monument shipped?

The monument is shipped to the address you specify. We mostly use UPS for our shipping, although another carrier may be used. The carrier will want you to unload the monument, so you may need to deliver to a business like a cemetery or funeral home in order to have the monument unloaded. The carrier may not be able to unload the monument, so you will need arrangements in place to have the monument unloaded from the carrier’s truck. We will provide you with a tracking number once your monument ships.

What are other names for monuments?

A monument may also be known as a memorial, marker, headstone, tombstone, gravestone, grave marker, flat, slant, bevel, upright, or bronze memorial.

What are some of the available monument granite colors?

Granite is a natural material, and is found in quarries around the world. Some of the most beautiful granite colors, and therefore most used are: Gray, Morning Rose, India Black, Bahama Blue, and Mahogany.