Frequently Asked Questions

Our monuments are the perfect way to commemorate a loved one. Our team of experts will work with you to create a monument that perfectly captures your loved one’s personality and life story.

What makes Sterling Monument Company unique?

Sterling Monument Company is a family owned and operated full-service monument company. We have been crafting monuments at our facility in Eastland since 1990. We have expertise in design and craftsmanship of each monument we fabricate. We pride ourselves in customer service; from quick turn-around time on proof requests, prompt quotes, to diligent communication on setting and delivery. We will do all that we can to make a difficult purchase for families a great experience. We have a team of people at Sterling Monument Company that are here for you. It is our family’s honor to serve your family by telling the unique story of your loved one through memorialization.

What is the process to order a monument?

We have compassionate, honest memorial experts to help you, and they will make certain your experience in choosing a monument is a positive one. Here are the steps involved in ordering a monument:

1. Visit with our monument expert.We welcome walk-ins but encourage everyone to set an appointment if possible.

2. Determine your budget.Every family is different, and we will guide you in the right direction within your price range.

3. Choose style of monument.There are many styles but the most common are upright monuments, slants, and flats. There are other options to consider including sculpted monuments, benches, vases, and boulders. Some cemeteries have specific rules regarding the style of monuments they allow. Our monument expert will show you as many different styles as you want to see.

4. Choose color of granite. There are so many beautiful options that you will be shown. The color of granite plays a large part in the overall cost of the monument. These are all considerations our monument experts will help you with, so you will not feel overwhelmed.

5. Design the monument.This is the best part – telling the story of your loved one. We offer a helpful memorialization guide and our monument expert will help you create the right memorial, whether large or small. Our artist will then render the design for you to see and make any desired changes. You will never be rushed through this part of the process.

6. When satisfied with your design, sign a contract and provide payment.

7. Stone is ordered and when it is received our craftsmen will create your monument.

8. Setting your monument. Once our team has finished making your monument, and it has passed our quality control standards, we will schedule a time for it to be delivered. You will be notified of the installation date and invited to be present while the monument is being set.

9. Timeline. The total processing time varies based on different factors including the type of granite selected, if the granite is from a domestic or international quarry, whether the monument is a standard shape or requires sculpting, and any delays there may be within the supply chains. Our monument expert will explain these details and provide an estimated delivery and setting date.

10. Installation. When your monument has passed our quality assurance inspections, our setting department will contact you with a delivery and setting date. Our certified professional installers will invite you and your family to join them when they set your monument. So many of our families love this part of the process.

11. Your loved one’s legacy is now set in stone for centuries to come.

Where are you located?

We proudly serve you and your family through our five locations. Our corporate office and production facility is located in Eastland, TX, along with our other sales locations in Abilene, Brownwood, Granbury and The Woodlands . For specific details concerning each location, please click here for more information.

What size monument do I need?

You will need to contact the cemetery where your monument will be placed. Some cemeteries have rules and regulations that you will need to follow. Some of the regulations could include specific monument size, style, color, and could also include installation regulations and fees. Within the specific cemetery regulations, simply choose the monument you like best.

Do you offer custom monuments?
Yes, we offer a wide variety of traditional style as well as custom monuments and custom boulders. We keep a variety of traditional monuments in stock at our Eastland location and offer beautiful displays of custom and traditional monuments at each location.
What is a laser monument?
A laser monument laser engraves a picture on black granite. The engraving can be as detailed as the photo or design it comes from, and these are available as an option as you design your monument.
If I see a monument that I like, can you design it for me?
Yes. If you see a design you like, we can create it for you and will guide you through the process of what will be needed to accomplish your request.
What are other names for monuments?
A monument may also be known as a memorial, marker, headstone, tombstone, gravestone, grave marker, flat, slant, bevel, upright, or bronze memorial.
What are some of the available monument granite colors?
Granite is a natural material, and is found in quarries around the world. Some of the most beautiful granite colors, and therefore most popular, include Gray, Morning Rose, India Black, Bahama Blue, and Mahogany. But there are many more to choose from. We would be happy to show you all that we have from which to choose.
Do you have items other than monuments available?
Yes. We can show you a wide range of memorialization options such as benches, sculpted pieces, vases, ceramic photos, boulders, footstones, pet markers, and specialty signage.
What do you mean when you talk about supply chain delays?

Here is an article that may help you understand in more detail. “Grieving families waiting for loved ones’ headstones…” It concerns the situation facing monument production across the entire country, a delay in production because of supply chain slow-downs. At Sterling Monument Company, we have worked hard to stay in front of this situation, and we are grateful to be faring better than some, but it is a truth of our industry right now. Please know that the families we serve are so important to us and we will make sure your monument for your loved one is beautiful. We’re simply at a time in our country when we have a supply gap that needs to be covered, so it might take a bit longer than we would like. Thank you for bearing with us and thank you for your business!

My loved one has been cremated. Should I still buy a memorial?
We encourage families to consider permanent memorialization as it offers a place for the family to honor their loved one for generations to come. We are honored to help you tell the story, and offer cremation benches or any other types of monuments for loved ones who have been cremated.
What if something happens to my monument in the cemetery?
Any monument purchased from Sterling Monument Company is unconditionally guaranteed against cracking, crumbling, or deterioration, except in the case of vandalism or unforeseen acts of nature. Should the monument be defective in any way, or should the lettering or design be different than the approved sketch and signed contract, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the purchaser. We guarantee any paint within the lettering or design of the monument for two years after installation.
What happens if my monument starts to lean or tilt?
Should any monument installed by Sterling Monument Company become unlevel, we will re-level the monument at no charge to the customer. We are unique in offering this full guarantee with no limited warranty. We prefer to install each upright and base on a steel re-enforced concrete foundation, called a precast. This is to help eliminate the serious problem evident in every cemetery—leaning or tilting. For grass markers and slants with bases, we do not see a need for the precast except for protection from vehicles and cemetery maintenance. We will guarantee these on a quick-mix concrete solution. We cannot guarantee that the monument will never lean or tilt, but we can guarantee we will straighten the monument if it should become un-level, if installed by our Eastland location. Because of the high-quality foundation we use, we have fewer problems with leaning or tilting.
I need a death date inscribed on my existing monument. Is this a service you provide?
In many cases, yes, if the monument is in our service area.
Can I design and purchase my own monument online?

Yes. We have the best online system available for you to design your own monument. You are able to choose the size, color, design, and type or style of monument that is perfect for your needs. Walk through our monument design and see what works best for you. If you need any help with this design feature, call us at (254)-653-2363 or email for assistance.

What are the shipping costs for a monument I purchase online?
Your shipping costs are included as you check out and purchase the monument. We include the shipping cost into the monument at as minimal a rate as possible. We offer free shipping and subsidize any extra shipping costs. We make the entire process clean and transparent.
Where can I ship my monument that I purchase online?
We can have your monument shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping outside of this area is possible, but will involve adding higher shipping fees from the carrier.
How is the monument shipped?
The monument is shipped to the address you specify. We mostly use UPS for our shipping, although another carrier may be used. The carrier will want you to unload the monument, so you may need to deliver to a business like a cemetery or funeral home in order to have the monument unloaded. The carrier may not be able to unload the monument, so you will need arrangements in place to have the monument unloaded from the carrier’s truck. We will provide you with a tracking number once your monument ships.
What happens if my monument is damaged via shipping?
We use professional carriers to ship your monument, and will provide you with your tracking number. It would be extremely rare for your monument to be damaged enroute, but if it is damaged, please contact us so that we can file a claim with the carrier.
If I need a different size, color, or type of monument than what I see on the design feature, can you make it for me?

Yes. We can help you design a custom monument of any size, color, and type. If you are designing your monument using our monument design feature and do not see something that you want for your memorial, please call us at 254-653-2363 or email and let us help.

What are my responsibilities as I order any monument using the design feature?
Anytime you purchase a monument, you will need to make sure it fits the cemetery’s rules and regulations. Some cemeteries have setting fees, which help them cover the cost and labor of placing the monument correctly into the cemetery (if Sterling Monument Company is not setting your monument.) You will also need to make sure that the size, color, monument type, design, and text on the monument is correct, as we will manufacture the monument according to your approved specifications. You will need to make arrangements to unload the monument from the shipping carrier.
Can I order extra items like vases, footstones, pet markers, pet cremation items, and other cremation items online?
Yes. We can send you any items you may need.