Memorializing a pet

Pets are part of the family. To some people, pets are everything. We love our dogs, cats, horses, and multitude of other pets who endear themselves to us and love us in return. But how do we memorialize a pet who has passed on?

Sterling Monument can help you celebrate the life of a pet with a unique granite monument. You’ll be able to engrave your pet’s name and dates of life onto a lovely granite memorial so that you’ll also have that remembrance. This can be placed in a garden or yard, or even inside the home to commemorate that pet’s life.

Some unique pieces for your dog, cat, horse, or other friend could be a 12x12 granite piece which has the name, birth, and passing years of your pet. You can even have a photo of your pet laser engraved onto black granite. There really is no limit to what we can engrave onto granite, so please contact us at 254-653-2363 so we can talk to you and discuss what could work best. We can craft something unique just for you, and ship it anywhere in the continental United States. We would love to help you memorialize your loved one.

To many, a monument to celebrate the life of a dog, cat, bird, horse, or other animal is important as we move through the grieving process, in addition to remembering the joy that animal has brought to our lives. Contact us so we can help you design the perfect piece. Sterling Monument – 254-653-2363