Granite Colors for Monuments

There are a multitude of granite colors which can be used for monuments, headstones, and memorials. Some of the most common granite colors used to design a monument include Sterling Gray, Morning Rose, and India Black. We source these color stones and a large variety of other granite colors from across the globe.

A list of our extended granite colors for monuments include: Academy Black, American Black, Bahama Blue, Barre Gray, Black Ultimate, Blue Pearl, Canadian Mahogany, Colonial Rose, Dakota Mahogany, Dark Impala Black, Ebony Mist, Flash Black, Grey, India Black, India Red, Mahogany, Morning Rose, Mountain Red, Paradiso, Rainbow, Royal Emerald Green, Salisbury Pink, Silver Cloud, St. Cloud Gray, Sterling Gray, and Sunset Red.

These stones are quarried in the United States as well as other countries like Norway, Sweden, China, India, Africa, Brazil, Canada, and elsewhere. All granite is unique.

You can view many of these monument colors at our Sterling Monument website. We produce the final monument products in our Eastland, Texas manufacturing facility.  Be sure to check out images of some of our monuments on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will give you a better understanding of granite colors for monuments, memorials, and headstones.

Monuments also come in a variety of shapes, from flats, bevels, slants, and uprights, to any custom shape you can imagine. When you want to design and buy a monument, we’ll make it for you.

The important thing to remember is that we can work together to find the ideal granite color to craft the perfect monument for you.